Bui, Hanh My
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 4 (2018); 5-10 (02 July 2019)
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This article presents the results of the survey of synonymous in word-formation of compound nouns in the modern Russian language as a kind of formal-semantic relations between the components of compound nouns. Synonymous of Russian compound nouns can be found in subordinate components or in main components, or in both components of compound nouns. Synonymous of Russian compound nouns includes the following cases: synonymous of components in compound nouns and synonymous of compound nouns. In cases where compound nouns share the same main component and contain synonyms subordinate components, or which share the same subordinate component and contain synonymous main components, or contain both synonymous subordinate components and the synonymous main components, then the compound nouns themselves also become synonyms. Synonymous components have a distribution in the workplace of different meanings and productivity levels in the wordformation of compound nouns due to the influence of different factors such as semantics, style and morphology.
Dao, Hop VinhVo, Tuyet Thi Anh
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 4 (2018); 11-20 (02 July 2019)
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In the circumstance of the Chinesse emigrants going abroad to seek shelter and find new lands, especially southeast Asia, Dang Trong of Dai Viet kingdom has gradually become a point of arrival which attracts them strongly. Depending on geographic position of contigous sea and advantage of Dang Trong context at home and abroad, Chinese merchants and emigrants have come to the central coastal parts (especially in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, and Phu Yen). Having settled in southeast Asia region as well as in the central part of Vietnam, Chinese emigrants have preseved their traditional culture to gain achievements in this land region. Besides, they have actively integrated into native communities, exchanging culture for prosperity and development. This paper indicates cultural exchanges, integration and development of the Hoa in the central coastal provinces in history and present, which asserts their contributions in the fields of culture, economy and society to build Vietnam nation, notably in the age of present international integration.
Bui, Hang ThiNgo, Huong Thi Thanh
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 4 (2018); 21-33 (02 July 2019)
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Library and Information Service is a bridge which supports effectively for lectures, postgraduates and undergraduates in exploiting efficiently the information resources in the University Library. Therefore, the improvement of the quality of the Library and Information Service is a regular activity in university libraries. Based on the assessment reports and surveys concerning to the Library and Information Services at the University Library of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the paper presents measure to improve this activity, thereby contributing to create valuable products and services in order to meet the needs of training and scientific research for users.
Hoang, Tuan TrongDinh, Thien Luong ChinhNguyen, Dat ThanhBui, Nhan Dang Thanh
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 4 (2018); 34-41 (02 July 2019)
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This study focuses on the impacts of the participation in multi-level marketing business model on the student life of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. To gather information, the team used the interview method (via questionnaire tool) for 60 students participating in multi-level marketing business model at member universities. Collected data is processed through methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, and descriptive statistics. The results indicate that: (1) In terms of material life, the participation in multi-level marketing business model helps students gain additional income, develop their skills, and expand their social relationships. However, if they participate in nefarious companies, they may face the risk of losing their money and other consequences. (2) In terms of moral life, business makes students feel happier. However, the psychology of students is not really comfortable when their learning results go down; the time that they spent on recreation and physical exercise is reduced.
Lu, An Vi
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 4 (2018); 42-50 (02 July 2019)
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Murûdj al-dhahab of al-Masûdî, Jâmi’al-Tawârîkh of Rashîd al-Dîn Tabîb and A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling (or The Travels) of Ibn Battua were the earliest Arabic and Persian historical documents wrote on Vietnam in the 10th and 14th centuries. Although paragraphs mentioned about Vietnam in these documents are so brief and sometime are still ambiguous, they are useful and valuable historical documents to research in Vietnamese history according to the perception of foreigners. This article firstly researches in authors and historical context of the documents, then excerpts as well as propounds interpretation of some typical sections containing materials on Vietnam from these historical documents.
Hanh, Nguyen Thi-Van
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 3 No 1 (2019) (12 June 2019)
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Studying on job motivation is significant and can be considered the foundation of which the managers can base on to create and maintain their employees's working motivation, increase work productivity and effect as well as to keep the proficients. Studying on job motivation in Vietnam nowadays have focused mostly on the private sector of the economy while the public one has not been paid much attention to. This paper aims at assessing some points within job motivation of the ones who work in a public university (USSH, VNU-HCM), finding out their reasons of choosing their jobs, the most stimulating changing factors at work and the most desired work results/ achievements. Findings from the study showed that, in order to create job motivation, the leaders of this university should have policies on raising income and other kind of benefit as well as on widening and promoting chances for enhancing professional skills and knowledge. Differences among different groups should be considered for best effects.
Barcus, Holly
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 2 (2018); 5-14 (18 May 2019)
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Framed within contemporary debates about the implications of cultural heritage tourism for rural ethnic minority populations, this paper explores the case study of cultural heritage tourism in Bayan Ulgii Mongolia, juxtaposing arguments about place and identity with those of economic benefits. Preliminary results suggest that growing attention paid to the Kazakhs as aminority ethnic cultural group in Mongolia, and narratives of their lifeway persistence, increase international acknowledgement that mayfoster greater tourism. However, one of the key outcomes of the production of this heritage landscape is the consumption of ethnic cultural identity narratives by ethnic Kazakh out-migrants who desire to reinscribe “traditional cultural lifeways” in their children’s identities. This thus serves to promote a shared sense of identity amongst a rapidly dispersing population but also challenges the notion of production and consumption as competing, rather than complimentary processes, in emerging rural tourism locations of the Global South.
Sorensen, Anthony
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 2 (2018); 15-24 (18 May 2019)
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We identify many current and impending technologies that are likely to impact dramatically on most aspects of rural economy, society and environment, even in the short term. As a result, two of society’s major looming problems are (a) how best to accelerate the uptake of beneficial technologies while (b) helping individuals, communities or places damaged by the likely course of events – for example by updating people’s skill sets and revising their ambitions and preferences. The increasing problem for governments, communities and businesses alike is that we have limited knowledge of future economic and social trajectories driven by such technologies. Thus, traditional blue-print planning will be increasingly redundant and effective paths to the future will require intensive and inclusive debate and discussions surrounding best options which, along with strong leadership, will help fashion creative, flexible and adaptive cultures. Given geographical diversity in resources it is quite possible that emergent optimal strategies will vary from place to place.
Bui, Thu ThiKazunobu, TsutsuiDo, Huong Thi Viet
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 2 (2018); 25-35 (18 May 2019)
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Population aging, which is a global phenomenon, has strongly impacted the social lives of many societies around the world. In which, Japan and Vietnam are two of the twenty countries with the largest older population in the world. The “Kaso”- depopulation, has been occurring in rural Japan since the 1960s and has had negative impacts on community development. Vietnam in general, and Thua Thien Hue Province in particular is revealed to be in the beginning period of the “aging phase” - one of the Kaso signs. This paper attempts to clarify (1) how the extent of “Kaso” in Japan occurs in the study area of Vietnam; and (2) how is the inhabitant consciousness on daily life, socioeconomic development status and the concern of local people on the future development of rural community in context of projected population aging. Based on preliminary typology analysis of the demographic statistics (total population, aging population structure) of Thua Thien Hue at the commune level during the period of 1989-2012, two rural communes with aging population characters were chosen for further analysis through household questionnaires. The research result demonstrated that there has been similar to the initial situation of Kaso in rural Japan. However, the deep analysis result indicated that the presence of rural people’s negative consciousness of community development is not strong. Those preliminary results enable to emphasize significant importance on providing implicit information on the negative consciousness of rural people regarding the future of rural Vietnam.
Ngo, Tram Thi Ngoc
Science & Technology Development Journal - Social Sciences & Humanities; Vol 2 No 2 (2018); 36-49 (18 May 2019)
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This quantitative study identifie factors affecting tourist perception in the context of rural tourism in Ca Mau province – the southernmost province of Vietnam, belonging to the Mekong Delta. In which, local culture, infrastructure and marketing communication has positive relation with tourist perception, while services & entertainment has negative relation. The research produced 400 structured questionnaires to collect data on these factors in Ca Mau, and found that there is a significant influence on tourist perception in rural tourism sector, which 58% changing in tourist perception is explained by the independent variables. The regression equation is set as: Y = 1.423 + 0.343X1 – 0.082X2 + 0.273X3 + 0.189X4 (Y= Tourist Perception; X1= Local Culture; X2= Services & Entertainment; X3= Infrastructure; X4= Marketing communication)